iThemba Trust - Founders

Tanith Hobson (Fundraising)

Tanith Hobson Tanith Hobson, mother of two twin boys, has been involved in fundraising and charity organisations for many years by volunteering, teaching swimming amongst other activities. She has been working as a Travel and Restaurant Guide publisher for 16 years. Her love for children and animals has led her to strive to make a difference to kids in need. Tanith will be involved in all the fundraising activities and events for iThemba Trust.
  Yvonne Bester (Administration)

Yvonne Bester Through personal experience, Yvonne got involved with the Red Cross Childrens Oncology Unit, and continues to assist them every year with making the children's lives a happier place. With a background in human resources, she is the perfect person to handle all the administration of iThemba Trust. Her interests lie in nutrition and healthy living, and she will bring this knowledge with her to assist the children in having balanced and healthy diets.

Vincent Bester (Finance)

Vincent Bester Vincent is a successful businessman who donates significant amounts of computer software every year to tertiary education institutions to educate up-and-coming civil engineers, as well as supporting the Red Cross Children's Transport Fund, which allows children from the oncology ward to travel to and from the hospital. He has always felt the need to give back, and has been instrumental in setting up the structure within which Ithemba Trust operates. Vincent will be responsible for all the financial aspects of iThemba Trust.

Mike Matthews (Legal)

Mike Matthews Mike is an attorney practising in partnership in a well-established law firm in Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs. Mike has a service background, having fulfilled several executive roles in the Round Table organization for some ten years. He sits on the executive of several established charitable trusts, including the Music for Life Trust (which is the fundraising arm for the Southern and Central African organization, the African Children’s Choir) and the Baboon Matters Trust which is concerned with the welfare of the threatened Chacma baboon in the Western Cape. Mike will be inputting and, where necessary, dealing with legally-related issues on behalf of Ithemba Trust.

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